Friday Session One 7:00pm

Beauty for Ashes: Lisa Cherry

We hate the ugly parts of our lives. We are tired of the inner battles. Bad habits. Addictions. Painful memories. Messed up emotions. Even past abuses that try to haunt us and make us feel unclean. We know we should “do better” or “be better.” Deep inside we’re hoping someone can offer us beauty for those ashes. And guess what?… Someone can and did!


After Session:  Coffee &  Crafting  and Decorate your own Donut!
Join us for a time of fun and fellowship!



Saturday Session Two 9:00am:

Falling in Love (Again): Lisa Cherry

We worship Jesus because He is holy and worthy of praise. But why is it some women talk about Jesus like He is their best friend and even the lover of their soul? Is that close fellowship with God only reserved for a select few? What if it is possible that each of us could discover an intimacy with the Lord that would transform our daily lives?


Workshop #1: 10:45am

Option 1:  #FreeToBeMe (for youth and young adults): Danae Cherry and Lydia Cherry

The world tries hard to press young women into its mold. But we do not have to fall for the lies that make us feel ugly, insecure, inadequate, or fearful. Jesus offers us freedom to discover our true identity. And His plan beats the world’s plan hands-down.


Option 2: Be Still and Know: Olivia Knochenmus

To be still in the Lord‘s presence can either be fearful or exciting. But when we learn to receive His amazing grace in our lives, we can gain a life style of worship and discover true intimacy with our Father.


Workshop #2: 11:40am  

Option 1: Captivating Beauty:  Cassie Ortez

It seems the world wants to crush everything dealing with femininity. But is the longing inside of us to “be beautiful“ really just silly? Is it a sign of our weakness or, worse yet, our sin? Actually, those desires for beauty are God placed and serve an amazing purpose in His kingdom. Today you can be at rest while you celebrate the joy of being a woman. 


Option 2: Never Good Enough – Freedom from Perfectionism and Negative Self Talk: Hannah Erickson and Lisa Cherry

The tapes run constantly in our heads. You are a failure. It’s too scary. You’re never going to get it right. No sense trying that again because you’re never going to be good enough.

These self-defeating lies are paralyzing unless the believer learns powerful and simple truths that will defeat the enemy… Every time!



12:30pm   Lunch Break

Check out all you can eat Tacos from El Murro Food Truck  $10 (cash preferred)


Afternoon Sessions 1:30pm:

Workshop #3:

Option 1:  Mom Talk: Lisa Cherry

Raising children to stand firm for the Lord is no small feat. What are the secrets of successful Christian mothering and how do we stay strong ourselves when everyone needs us ALL THE TIME?


Option 2:  Standing Strong When Others Fall Away: Hannah, Olivia, Cassie, Danae and Lydia

We are so dismayed when yet another of our Christian peers start making outlandish comments on social media… And then ends up falling away from the Lord. It makes us wonder why this is happening and how we can protect ourselves from what is ensnaring others of our generation. Join our team of young adults for hard-hitting answers. They will share personal revelations that have kept them strong for Jesus.



Final Session 3:15-4:15:   Walking on Water: Lisa Cherry 

Help! I start out walking in the power of God like Peter did but then something happens and I start to sink. In this wrapup session, we will find God’s supernatural power for peace, joy, wisdom and victory is available and sufficient no matter what life throws in our path.