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Principal Pay-Off Program

At our 25 Year Anniversary Gala, we launched a campaign to put action to our faith and begin putting special gifts towards the Principal Pay-Off Program.

To download the full information packet, click here.

Our first goal is to at least pay off $25,000 this year to celebrate 25 years… but we aren’t limiting God to just that!  Will you join with us in putting action to our faith?  There are now special blue envelopes that will only be for gifts directly to the Principal Pay-off Program.  Gifts that come in these envelopes (or designated on Pushpay) will be made as an extra payment each month directly to the principal of the church mortgage.   Each of us will have the opportunity to begin sowing toward reducing the principal on the church mortgage.  The Word of God promises that God will provide seed for the sower, and if you are a sower, you can expect seed to show up in your life!